Ayurveda is to free the mind, which is trapped in the body. Yoga is to free the soul, which is trapped in the mind.

Baba Hari Das
The 80% Rule
The 20% Rule



THE 80/20 RULE

I love Ayurveda so much…and, it’s easy to get dogmatic about the guidelines laid out 5000 years ago. Namaste, scrape your tongue, lemon water, evacuate, spritz, neti, nasya, garshana, abhyanga, shower, oil pull, meditate facing north, salute the sun, circulate prana, dine facing east, chew each bite 32 times, left-side lay, walk 100 paces after each meal, offer black sesame seeds to Saturn on Saturdays while facing west, lights out before 10 pm, sleep with the head pointing south. Oye!

Is this even possible? Do I need to quit my job to live an Ayurvedic existence? Don’t quit your job, and please don’t throw your hands up in frustration. You’re not alone, but there’s hope, and plenty of loopholes. Ayurveda Lite is all about how to find balance without vanquishing the light from life, and of course, honoring the 80/20 rule.

हरि ॐ

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