Teff, the Breakfast of World Class Runners

At 1 a.m. we go for goldAt 1 a.m. when we we lost controlAt 1 a.m., oh yeahGod d*mn, god d*mnWe don’t want to go home– Matt & Kim  Recently I discovered, and fell madly in love with this tiny little grain called Teff. Don’t dismiss this grain due to its size, or because it’s aContinue reading “Teff, the Breakfast of World Class Runners”

Americano + Soft Fire = ?

Pull the curtains shut, try to keep it darkBut the sun is burningThe world awakens on the runAnd will soon be earningWith hopes of better days to comeIt’s a morning yearningAnother day, another chance to get it rightMust I still be learning​- Ben Harper  Oh my, you have a very soft fire, uttered Dr. Rosy MannContinue reading “Americano + Soft Fire = ?”