Teff, the Breakfast of World Class Runners

At 1 a.m. we go for goldAt 1 a.m. when we we lost controlAt 1 a.m., oh yeahGod d*mn, god d*mnWe don’t want to go home– Matt & Kim  Recently I discovered, and fell madly in love with this tiny little grain called Teff. Don’t dismiss this grain due to its size, or because it’s aContinue reading “Teff, the Breakfast of World Class Runners”

Americano + Soft Fire = ?

Pull the curtains shut, try to keep it darkBut the sun is burningThe world awakens on the runAnd will soon be earningWith hopes of better days to comeIt’s a morning yearningAnother day, another chance to get it rightMust I still be learning​- Ben Harper  Oh my, you have a very soft fire, uttered Dr. Rosy MannContinue reading “Americano + Soft Fire = ?”

Low Blood Pressure? Hipster D.I.Y. Electrolyte Fix

Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.– James Joyce Quick, out of the way, a Higi Station! What can I say?  I simply cannot resist those Higi stations. Like a puma on the prowl, I skillfully bob and weave around the innocent bystanders, plop myself down and thread my arm through the blood pressure cuff.Continue reading “Low Blood Pressure? Hipster D.I.Y. Electrolyte Fix”

Sore Throat, Sniffles & Chills, oh my!

And February was so longthat it lasted into March-Dar Williams Blast you sore throat. Slow and insidious. It starts as a slight ache in the tonsil region. “Hmm, perhaps I should not have consumed all that tres leche cake last night.” The next morning it’s worse. Glands swollen, “I’m just tired and need to slowContinue reading “Sore Throat, Sniffles & Chills, oh my!”

Dear Gallbladder, I’m sorry.

Dear Gallbladder, ​I’m sorry. So, here’s the thing, life just happened and I forgot to take care of you. I guess I took you for granted and figured you would always be there churning out fresh bile. No, a year gorging on vegan ginger scones and mounds of squash-a-roni was not my most brilliant move to date. While we’re at it,Continue reading “Dear Gallbladder, I’m sorry.”

Letting Go- Aparigraha

In the end, only three things matter:how much you loved, how gently you lived,and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. -Unknown Good God, it’s hard to let go. For real, it’s an epidemic. I invite you to take a jaunt through your hamlet and investigate the neighborhood. Garages piled high withContinue reading “Letting Go- Aparigraha”

Mattel goes Ayurvedic – VPK Barbies

My beloved child, break your heart no longer.Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart- Swami Kripalu  Hot damn and fresh off the press! I sat down for breakfast this morning and behold, the business section of the Chicago Tribune. Dost mine eyes deceive me? BARBIE’S NEW BODS- Mattel looks to recharge sales as girls’ want aContinue reading “Mattel goes Ayurvedic – VPK Barbies”

Squirrel Food & the Six Tastes

Rosemary Fig Walnut ButterYield: About 2 Cups Ingredients:– 4 cups of Walnuts, divided~ 2 cups toasted walnuts @ 350 F for 5-8 minutes (or until fragrant and nutty brown)~ 2 cups untoasted/raw walnuts– 8 unsulfured dried Turkish figs- torn into pieces or chopped– 1/3 cup Brown Sugar, loosely packed– 1 ½ tsp of chopped fresh Rosemary– ½Continue reading “Squirrel Food & the Six Tastes”